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This is a showcase of my interests. I'm 22 years old, single, gay, male, and a graduate from Occidental College. I'm a Math Major with a double minor in Computer Science and Studio Art. I love to sculpt, paint, draw, and create (board and card) games.

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The Darkest Knight: Sexxi Batman

I can take off and put on my contacts with so much ease now. I’m kinda excited to start wearing them places.

I’m not sure if I should wear them at the party tonight, 

since I’m not too sure I’ll be able to take them out in a drunken state… haha…

Took me an hour but I did it!

According to my friend’s boyfriend (who happens to be a great veteran player in the Rugby team), I am showing lots of potential. 

He was glad of my rapid improvement in the last couple of practices, and his only concern is for me to build up muscle mass.

That’s not really a problem, since I am lifting lots of weights now. It’s apparently noticeable how much my arms have grown since the summer. 

Woot! Ima be ripped by the end of the year :D 

Today is the official anniversary of my relationship with Erick.

I’ve never been in a relationship longer than 10 months, so 2 years is a pretty huge success. I dunno what to say, besides that I love Erick with all my heart and left butt cheek. 

So I’ll just write some facts about him that make him awesome:

  1. He very rarely snores.
  2. He never judges my choices.
  3. He doesn’t have an annoying voice. 
  4. He likes Drop Dead Diva.
  5. He doesn’t eat my side of the pizza unless he asks. 
  6. He harmonizes with me.
  7. He loves learning random facts
  8. He listens to my random thoughts, and wants to know my dreams
  9. Greatest kisser ever
  10. He plays super smash brothers
  11. He believes in me
  12. I can fall asleep in his arms (a very rare feat)
  13. He grabs my ass in public.

I can’t believe I forgot to post this on my blog. 

I’ve been working out and had this idea that I kinda wanna play a sport, any sport.

All of my friends are supportive, but concerned. 

They have this preconceived notion that I’m a weakling, that I can’t take a beating, and will get broken in half. I don’t blame them, I’m this scrawny kid that’s gonna run around among beasts. haha

My supervisor told me I should try Ultimate Frisbee instead… xD

Although, I can’t promise I won’t die, I’m not afraid of getting tackled, despite popular belief. 

I’m a really competitive person, especially when the opponent is in it to win it. If it’s a casual game, I try my best and don’t care if I lose. 

However, in actual competition, I put my ass on the line to win. I’m still not a sore loser in the end, but I won’t feel shitty since I know I did my absolute best.

I was thinking what sports I could play, and a lot of good male friends are in Rugby already, and they’re all huge guys (who made promises to the girls that they will take care of me lol)

Besides, I’m working on my speed for sprints, and trying to keep my momentum for long runs. I’m a pretty quick kid! So I really doubt getting tackled would be a problem if I can avoid it. 

First practice is tomorrow at 8:30pm. I’m excited but really nervous haha

but I always feel nervous for practice. 

Apparently, joining Rugby means parties every weekend, and practically a popularity status second to the Footballers. I can live with that. 

I think this also means that I can wear Jock straps un-ironically. 

I’ve only intentionally smelled someone’s underwear two times in my life to get off. 

I find it to be one of my overwhelming fetishes, once I remember I have it. Otherwise, it’ll just seep way back into my subconscious untouched for years, forgotten. 

I haven’t done it, since the last time many years ago, but I sometimes read about people’s “real” scenarios, which often end in them getting caught and having hardcore gay sex. 

Hmm…too bad I didn’t have the urges when my boyfriend left his undies that one time. 

Oh well. just wanted to share this, happy tmi tuesday! 



is having a penis weird


it just hangs there

occasionally flopping 

where does it go in your pants though

Some people just tuck it in to the side, others wrap it around their leg two times for maximum portability. 

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Okay, so in the rec room, there was a sign that read, “Rangeview is a hate free community.” I walked in and saw a couple of friends saying “vagina” in a confused manner. They were trying to come up with a new sentence. It took me about five minutes to figure out the remaining words. Resulting as shown.



… It’s your job to say “no” when things starts to heat up. I ain’t gonna be able to stop otherwise.

So who’s up for some cuddling. ;)

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So two days ago, my roommates forced me to go workout, regardless of my lazy pleas to nap. So I went to the gym with my roommates after some convincing. And just as I was about to finish my workout, I drop my phone.

I’ve had this phone for a year and I’ve dropped it from lengthy heights, banged it on walls, and even stepped on it on a couple cases. Hardly a scratch on the screen and a dent on the corner. I was on the hip abduction machine, and drop my phone a good 3 feet, and when I picked it up, half the screen was black. The screen didn’t even crack, the pixels just bled. With half the screen I managed to text for a while, until the bleeding started to reach the top half. I got a google voice number and managed to give it to three people before my phone became completely useless. So now, I’m texting with my computer, which isn’t bad…just inconvenient.

Moral of the story: Be lazy, because nothing terrible comes from napping.

like my stomach is starting to look really nice, my hair is perfect, and the lighting is great!

I’d tap me. hard.

I need steal it. The mirrors I have at home have a slight distortion that makes you look wonky. I can just imagine myself being at home staring at my reflection all day.


I get really attracted to dorky gamers.

Even tho im not that good i love rooting my man on. Especially if hes good and plays really well.

**except i hate that shit where they ignore you for their game. BITCH better drop that controller when we have something to do.

^^ This so much.

See Erick, Heroes does have incestual undertones! 

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