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This is a showcase of my interests. I'm 22 years old, single, gay, male, and a graduate from Occidental College. I'm a Math Major with a double minor in Computer Science and Studio Art. I love to sculpt, paint, draw, and create (board and card) games.

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Since it was Touch rugby, you have to touch a person as to simulate a tackle if they have a ball, but I sorta did it harder than usual, but not enough to hurt. But once you touch, you have to drop and do 5 pushups, and the player with the ball has to fall to the floor as well, as to simulate you falling along in the tackle.

So I do my pushups, and as I get up, the douche I touched shoves me. I make nothing of it, but then we were placed in the same teams in drills. 

I’m running and have to stand above the ball to ruck it, but the douche instead of grabbing the ball he shoves me. 

I almost fall and the coach sees it and yells out, “WATCH IT!” 

He mad dogs me,

Idk what’s his beef. 

Maybe he doesn’t like Latinos?

  1. thisguycalledfonz said: He wants you.
  2. afewsmallrepairs said: Lemme at ‘em! I’ll ruff him up real good.
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