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This is a showcase of my many forms of personal humor. I'm 21 years old, gay male, and a Senior in college. I'm a Math Major with a double minor in Computer Science and Studio Art. I love to sculpt, paint, draw, and create games. You can find links to my various types of posts below. You can ask me for advice.

I've been told I snore in my sleep. But that's because my room is haunted.

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I find absolutely no use in twitter… But it would be groovy to be able to make them post to tumblr in those rare instances I wanna use it…

  1. mowolfvillageon said: I’ve personally never tried it before I found this tumblring.net/how-to-… Hope it helps c:
  2. erkerk said: yes. i forget how though. i’ll show you tomorrow mebbe
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